People are excited about the Nintendo Switch. It’s coming out on March 17 and people are clamoring for it. Dock the device and play it on the screen, take it out and bring it with you, prop up the screen and play it anywhere: the gaming device is location-flexible.

It’s another step of innovation from Nintendo, however, I can’t help but think if Nintendo plans on making the Switch (every pun from here on out are unintended) to be the all-in-one hardware from here on out.

There is no doubt the Switch will receive the usual library of Zelda, Mario, and Metroid games, so, if we can play it on-the-go, what does that (eventually) mean for the 3DS? I’m probably over-thinking this.

I’ll go the route of thinking Nintendo‘s handheld systems will slowly be phased out within the next 5-7 years so people will move over to the Switch, and become more involved with mobile games to replace handheld development.

Just a hunch, albeit, a distant one.


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