You know those large pieces of foliage that can be pretty to look at? Yeah, they are swell. Except when they are not. It’s a shame to see a fallen tree, and frustrating to know that they are still being used to block your path in order to make you take the long way around.

We all know why it’s there – used as level design – to “guide” the player to where the developers want you to go next, but it makes me wonder: Rather than just a single fallen tree that seems as though it can be climbed or walked over, why not go crazy with it?

Here’s an example of what I mean: Below is an example of that single fallen tree that acts as the cock road-block between you, the player, and an assumed path that could have been traversed if not for nature’s wonder.


It appears as though any able-bodied protagonist can make their way over this obstacle, but because some designers like to instill protagonists with an undisclosed, particular case of dendrophobia.

So, instead of placing a single log in which players would question: Why can’t I just go over it? Since we, the player, might not even revisit that area or be introduced to a mechanic in which we would be able to traverse through a single log, hell-bent on its aspirations of being a security guard or a door bouncer of a night club; just go all-out with it.


Now, that (above image) seems more of a treacherous path, save for the daring and braver folks out there that would slog through that if they were to come across it. Phew! Feels good to let out that bit of steam.


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