I do not play Dungeons & Dragons and have always been hesitant to get into it. However, if there is one thing I do enjoy, it is the crew of Easy Allies playing the spiritual successor to their previous D&D Tabletop Adventures series: Tabletop Escapades.

Their play sessions star Ben Moore as the Dungeon Master, with Brad Ellis, Kyle Bosman, Michael Huber, and Ian Hinck as the intrepid adventurers. This series first aired on March 30, 2016, so a lot has happened since then.

The Allies have provided a session that recaps the first nine months of escapades that occurred so far, to help ease newcomers, those hesitant to start watching, or people that simple need a refresher (video below).

There is also a Wiki for Tabletop Escapades, created and updated by the Allies’ fans (fantastic community) that can help ease the entry and, if you are curious enough, dive deeper into the lore and the world Ben Moore has created.

I feel as though I’m copping-out not indulging any more information aside from the show’s premise, but it’s just so enjoyable to watch (for the reactions) or listen to that giving away anything more would almost be criminal. Well, not that drastic.

I have (embarrassingly) listened to the series 3 times over. Granted, most of time, it was playing in the background while I was doing something else; so I’ll admit to a bit of cheating when I claim that.

It’s the only D&D show that I have watched thus far and highly recommend it, especially if you were a fan of the late, where the crew of Easy Allies came from after the site was shutdown.

SoundCloud versions also available.


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