Haven’t had a single “Z” all night. Drinking that cup of coffee at night was not a bright idea, after all. Any who, I attempted to lull myself to sleep with some nice video game tunes. As you can guess: it hasn’t been too effective, yet.

Personally, when I’m listening to game soundtracks, I tend to lean to orchestral tunes. Thankfully, there is a plethora of them out there. The heavier tracks such as rock or metal, and tracks with vocals I try to avoid.

I love listening to them all the same, but I always end up side-tracking myself with all manners of embarrassing air instrumentals and singing along with them (and I’m a horrible singer).

Since I have been struck with a dose of insomnia, those compilations of video game music pieces, though unsuccessful overpowering the strength of caffeine, has certainly made my night – and subsequent morning – a placid ride from moon to sun.

There are plenty of choices to select from when browsing YouTube. It’s all a matter of preference and picking your potion (“poison” doesn’t seem fitting here). I have been listening to the compilations from the channel: Fruddle.

Cheers and thanks to those wonderful individuals that take the time to arrange these compilations, be it relaxing to epic.


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