Thought articles on featured streamers was over since I decided to start anew and halt TwitchFan? Of course not! I even mentioned it on the final post back there. Anyway, the featured streamer goes by the user name: PoultreeGeist.

This bearded, Scottish Twitch streamer is of the variety type, playing many games across a wide spectrum of genres since January 2014. A chill stream with no shortage of hang-out commentary and interaction with the chat; which makes PoultreeGeist a solid choice if you have always been hesitant about jumping into a Twitch channel and interacting with the streamer and chat.


PoultreeGeist streaming Mercenary Kings.

PoultreeGeist is currently affiliated with the Hidden Gems, Cohhillition, and Jesters stream teams and streams 6 days a week (schedule below). Highly recommended channel. As always, check out a streamers past broadcasts and videos so you can check out for yourself if you enjoy it. If you do, then don’t be afraid to join the Roost!

Mon-Thurs : 9pm-1am GMT (4-8pm EST)
Standard Streams: whatever we’re playing at the time

Friday : 8pm-12am GMT (3-7pm EST)
Call of Cthulu RPG over at chuky616
Like D&D with tentacles!

Saturday : 10pm GMT (5pm EST) til Late
Super Manly Awesome Squad of Hunters


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