With the official announcement of XBOX ONE’s exclusive title, Scalebound, being cancelled, comes with a bit of sadness. The amount of games available that offered real-time combat encounters with monstrous-sized beasts are few and far between; and with Scalebound gone, we’ll have to patiently wait again for the contender.

I’m going to miss the idea of Scalebound. It’s odd to state it that way, however, since its existence is now lost in the ether, it’s best to remember it as such. Scalebound seemed like it was going to have all the elements than what other games had and be a total-package.

There was cooperative gameplay, mounted monster combat, scaling monsters, solid combat with a traditional arsenal of weapons (blades, arrows, and magic); on-paper, it had it everything (mechanically).

To me, Scalebound was shaping up to be like a combination of Lost Planet 2 and Dragon’s Dogma. A world that is no stranger to technology, while being equipped with a sword and shield, bows and arrows, and some magic to take down ginormous creatures. Again, on-paper and in the footage showcased, it looked fantastic.

I realize both of those games I mentioned were Capcom titles and that Scalebound was being led by Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games. So, Capcom, maybe start making some plans on the next monster-slaying game that combines the tech and multiplayer aspects of Lost Planet 2 (I did not like Lost Planet 3) with the RPG and combat elements of Dragon’s Dogma? *wink-nudge-cough*

The speculation can go on a bit longer, but we all know it’s futile at this point. First delayed to 2017 and now cancelled. Ugh. It’s like an arrow to the glowing heart. Looks like I’ll have to boot up Lost Planet 2 to get my fix for jumping on a giant monster and lighting it up like a boss. R.I.P. Scalebound.


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