Gaming on the PC has its advantages. One of them that is particular to me is ReShade. Though, not specifically ReShade. Be it ReShade, SweetFX, ENB, or GemFX (there are more, but I’ll list those for now), it is amazing how adjusting the look of your game can improve the experience.

Think of it in terms of psychology towards your benefit through these tweaks. If we like what we see, we stare it more often. Color and lighting can elicit moods and feelings, while conveying atmosphere more or less prominently with proper adjustments (to tastes).

These are entirely optional and can only add to the experience, and (to me), an option is like an opportunity. So, if you haven’t tried incorporating any of these before while playing your games, then you are in for a treat. Some screen caps below without, then with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I often go for a painted/cartoon look with less saturated tones and darker lightning. If that’s not your thing, then tweak and customize setting to your preferences, or use preset settings others have made.


*Note that GemFX and some versions of SweetFX might not work with every game.


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