Okay, so obvious pun title aside (facepalm and eye-roll if you need to, I did and still went with it), I wanted to write a small piece on the decline of video games based on movie releases. During this process of research and taking notes, I came to a realization that there aren’t that many to begin with.

If I included all licensed titles based on shows, movies, and franchises from either – the number would have easily been higher – but I specifically wanted to focus on theatrical releases and the games created and released at or around the premiere date.

I was going year-by-year, first opting from 2010, then thinking I should go back further to 2000, and then diving even further. Now, the realization comes in because – in my head – I could have sworn that there were more games made for (popular) movies. Apparently, there were not.

Just from a starting point of the year 2000, and not including multiple titles from the same movie, the count of movie-based licensed games released per year was predominantly 1-2.


Now, the reason why I did not count varying titles based on the same movie was that multiple versions would play and be titled differently because they were on different platforms.

So, think of a game being made for PC, PS4, and the 3DS, and the 3DS version is being developed by a different studio to specialize it for the system. The 3DS version would play drastically different from the PC and PS4 counterparts, and then given a subtitle or different subtitle (if any at all).

Hope that explains my thought process on that, and I sincerely apologize for the digression because I almost feel insane. Granted, not all games from a handheld to console and/or PC play differently. I feel I also have to state that as well because of Resident Evil: Revelations.


As for revelations, I had one in the middle of planning this article and decided to scrap the whole thing and tell this tale of an idea instead. It’s odd, too, because I can recall games released to take advantage of the hype of the movie it was associated with.

I fell into this state of mind where, because I can recall a memory or certain memories, I believed there were more than the actual. Compound this with the lack of information of how many games were released and a literary chemical reaction to have an article collapse then explode on itself is created!

Believe me, and it seems very hard to believe when I state this, but I’m having a blast right now. Finding out that I was – not only wrong – but also being able to discover facts like in 2006, Charlotte’s Web had a video game released along side the movie brought such strange joy.

Also, there is a decline of video games based on theatrically released movies, but there’s also a stipulation that has to be mentioned. As a game released to PC, consoles, or handheld systems, this is true. Where it becomes muddy is the introduction of mobile games.

I’m not going to go into it the topic with mobile games in mind, but from what I have learned and observed while researching this topic: Pinball games are pretty common.


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