I recently came back from watching the Assassin’s Creed movie. After putting it off for so long due to the mostly negative reviews I was reading, listening, and watching; find myself somewhere in the middle.

The main points I can take away from all of its reviews I viewed beforehand was that Assassin’s Creed’s is at its strongest visually and weakest when it comes to the performances and story.

I can’t help but think that playing some of the Assassin’s Creed games affected my judgment of this film. I was already familiar with the movie’s background, the Animus, the significance of the object that one organization wanted to protect (the Creed) and the other wanted to control (the Templars).

For the record, I played Assassin’s Creed 1-4, Brotherhood and Unity. By the time Unity came around, I was already tired of the franchise, so when the movie released its first trailer, I had nothing but negative expectations.

Maybe the low expectations lessened the impact of what negativity I could have taken away from the movie. I feel like I’m a bit crazy since I can see the flaws that people have brought up, and yet, I still enjoyed watching this movie. From everything I read, I was expecting to leave the theater angry; but I didn’t.

I was oddly and pleasantly surprised by the time the credits rolled. I’m still curious about what my thoughts and reaction would have been if I never played the games or had high expectations coming into this movie.

Those are my thoughts. Please, do not consider this a review as it was not the intention. Just thoughts and how I might be insane for enjoying a film in which the majority of the consensus says otherwise.


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