Remember those board and card games? The physical ones, not stuff like Hearthstone (even though it’s pretty damn fun, too). Well, I used to play Magic: The Gathering, and today, I thought I’d mention a YouTube channel that I watch: Tolarian Community College (TCC).

Tolarian Community College is a channel featuring The Professor. I don’t recall him ever stating his actual name, and I kinda like it that way. “The Professor!” It’s one of those titles that’s good to have as a name like, “The Beast” or “The Chosen One,” but I digress.

TCC presents an array of videos ranging from commentary on current and past formats, deck builds, product reviews, unbiased and thoughtful critique of all the game’s aspects, guides, and so much more.

Videos are well edited and delivered with a calm and collective tone, inviting differentiating opinions and debate on critiques and opinions to better evolve the discussion on a (certain) topic. I always thought this aspect, but it always depends on where you look. This is one of the most positive points that TCC offers.

I, myself, have not been actively playing MTG for years (4 years at the time of this writing), and yet, TCC’s videos are engaging. It makes me want to take out my storage box from the closet and jump back into it. Being able to elicit excitement of the viewer is another positive I can say about TCC.

At this point, it seems like I’m endorsing it a lot – almost too much – but I really do enjoy watching and being kept up-to-date with the community. Nothing but good vibes from The Professor.

There is so much that Tolarian Community College has that, I feel talking about it in its entirety would be an essay’s length, while doing a disservice since viewing it is far more gratifying and than just reading about it.

Whether you are active, formerly active, or just interested in the Magic: The Gathering in general; Tolarian Community College is a place I can highly recommend.

Tolarian Community College: YouTube / Website


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