There are movies that are considered “so bad it’s good” or “best of the worst,” but for video games, this seems a bit harder to accomplish. I don’t think any developer would start off with the intention of purposely making their game awful and awkward from the get-go, but when it happens: it’s magical.

I was curious on this topic since lists upon lists can be found on good-bad movies. Video games are a bit more difficult, save for TV Tropes which was the only site I was able to find that provided the largest compilation with a short description.

However, such as with good-bad movies, it’s entirely subjective and the experience will vary person to person. Scanning though typical “Top 10” lists and finding most of them shared at least half of the same titles among them. Most notable ones were: Shaq-Fu, Deadly Premonition, Earth Defense Force: 2017, and 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand.

Again, the entertainment found in playing these games are going to be highly subjective. Not everyone is going to find entertainment at all and it’s reasonable to view some selections on any list you might come across as just a bad game. Just like watching Trolls 2, The Room, or any Neil Breen film, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s quite all right not to.

Other games on some lists fall into more of a “so bad you have to experience it” rather than “so bad it’s good.” Our curiosity might eventually get the better of us and a game could be so bad that we are compelled to suffer it. Superman 64 is one of those games that I place into this category which made a couple of lists.

I do wonder if there is or would ever be a video game that was made with the intention of being good-bad. That would be a monumental skill and craft all of its own right, since most of the time, it comes off as just bad and sometimes offensive.

If there’s one thing to be said about anything that becomes “so bad that it’s good,” is that it starts with utter sincerity and unawareness. Here’s to hoping that Neil Breen makes the jump into creating video games.


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