Since the big presentation of the Switch, GameStop is now accepting preorders for the consoles. That sounds pretty normal, right? It is, but I can’t help watching the pack of piranhas do their thing better than anyone else in the biz.

Of course, with that statement, GameStop has updated its website with an entire list of available items and bundles in which you can preorder your Nintendo Switch.Want a Joy-Con comfort grip? Just an measly $15 extra.

Did you want extra Joy-Con controllers? $80. By the way, there’s no “bite” on that price as Nintendo stated an extra pair of these will retail for $80. Ah, but buying the Switch doesn’t come with an official carrying case WITH SCREEN PROTECTOR! Holy candles burning on a deep-fried popsicle shaped like Donkey Kong’s Diddy; and that’s only $20.

Now, according to GameSpot (don’t be confused by the letter swaps), GameStop merchandising Vice President Bob Puzon stated,

Nintendo has once again changed how video games will be played with the launch of the new Nintendo Switch. This new innovative system will offer gamers a new gaming experience without boundaries, and that will be momentous for the industry.

Not to undermine the Nintendo Switch, but I wonder what Bob thinks about handheld systems. I, like the rest of you, was not aware that the 3DS or PS Vita had boundaries, especially when those system can be played on televisions or other screens.

Maybe he’s looking at the physical boundary of the 3DS that separates the top and lower screens. But wait, the PS Vita and older handhelds were on an individual screen. So, perhaps Puzon has a retinal issue or just plays games while wearing those cataracts lenses thinking he’s always experiencing VR.


Capitol Hill looks SO REAL!

Speaking of which, GameStop has announced a special offer for those wanting a Switch: an extra $50 of store credit if you trade in a WiiU, XBOX One, Playstation 4, or Playstation VR headset that will be applied towards the purchase of the Switch. However, Power-Up Rewards Pro members will receive $75 in store credit instead of $50. Trading in a Wii or 3DS nets you $20/$30 of store credit, non-reward and reward members, respectively.

It’s safe to say many of us, at one time or another, made the joke of Nintendo coining the phrase, “Make the Switch,” to market the new system. However, it seems GameStop might be the one to do it for Nintendo.

Oh, GameStop. Your tenacity is almost admirable. It’s like watching that scene in Jurassic Park where the cow gets lowered into the Raptor pen for feeding. You can just here the GameStop executives shrilling with excitement as the Switch was being dropped. Eventually, there will be nothing left. Cheers, and may Robert Muldoon help us all.


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