I might be in the minority here. Though 2017 in gaming looks to be packed to the brim interesting and exciting new things, I’ve had my heart set on one thing this year: Persona 5.

I can remember being excited when the initial tease in 2013 was released. Knowing that April 4 is just a few months away is like counting down the days until Christmas (or insert a special day of your choice).

Persona 5 is being released with dual audio of the English and Japanese tracks, though for the western release, the Japanese track would be available as forever-free DLC due to logistical reasons.


Always a bonus for those wanting to hear the game in its native language and better as an option so we can select our preference. I’m also eagerly awaiting the new compositions for Persona 5, done by composer Shoji Meguro, who has been composing music for Atlas since 1995!

Now, I don’t ordinarily buy deluxe or special editions of games unless I have been looking forward to it for years with undying hype. That said, for any Persona or Shin Megami Tensei enthusiast in which Persona 5 is a day-1 buy, the Persona 5: Take Your Heart Edition is right up our alley. The total package includes:

  • Persona 5 Game
  • SteelBook Collectible Case
  • Soundtrack CD
  • 4″ Morgana Plush
  • 64 Page Hardcover Art Book
  • School Bag
  • Collectible Outer Box

In the US, this retails for $89.99. Not often do the accessories included in these editions are worth the extra cost, but here, all of it seems reasonable. I’m a fan of physical art books that are released with games, and being printed with a hardcover is a plus.


Collectable case with a collectible outer box and a school bag (which I most likely will use as storage) is milk & honey at this point. The 4″ plush is icing on the cake and will definitely make for a cool desk ornament.

Been too long (8 years) since Persona 4, and yet, the wait feels so much more fulfilling. It’s great when you have time to take in all that a game has to offer; unlike other franchises where the next installment comes every year. Cheers, and may Jack Frost chill the f-ck out.


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