Talk is still going strong for the Nintendo Switch, and more power to Nintendo. Among the discussions of all the topics, sometimes people like to bring up where the Switch hits its mark or niche. It’s a portable home console. Does it compete with other consoles? Will it replace the 3DS? Let’s get into it.

So, here are a barrage of articles with statements, quotes, words strung into sentences, and the major points down below:

First point: The Switch is not a 3DS replacement. Of course not! I recently guessed that the Switch will slowly start phasing out the 3DS so later on, when Nintendo decides to do their next console or Switch 2.0, I can see Nintendo having an all-in-one system. Not a console or handheld. Just a singular system for everything.

Not to mention, pitting your own product against another one of your own product is generally a stupid move. Nintendo might be making some mistakes – scale depends on your perspective – and to their credit, it seems the games that are going to be offered on the Switch are different enough to not be strict competition with 3DS games.

Next point: The Switch is not meant to compete with your (i)Phone. No shit, Sherlocks. Until major phone companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T start advertising unique plans for your Switch. Not to mention, the Switch uses game chat through an app on your phone. There is no reason to think it would even compete with phones. None.

Final point: The Switch is competing with Tablets, not PS4 or XBOX One. Replace Tablets with the PS Vita, and then we’ll have something we can sink our teeth into. Tablets won’t be the Switch’s competition, and to say the PS4 or XBOX One are not seems ignorant.

The Switch is a “home console at heart,” so of course it’s going to be competing with the PS4 and XBOX One, whether Nintendo wants to or not. However, the side effect of being a portable home console that emphasizes local co-op (f-ck yeah), it’s going to not only offer something different compared to the PS4 and XBOX One, but also the PS Vita.

Both of the big consoles have games designed with online multiplayer in mind. Though the Switch will also offer online play, the use of their Joy-Con controllers and even the sale of a pair of Joy-Cons that extend the amount of people able to join in locally up to 2, is where the Switch hails back to the days of couch-coop and finds one of its niches.

That said, also being portable means it will be indirectly competing with the PS Vita. Granted, it’s not as though the PS Vita was doing overwhelming excellent in terms as sales, especially when compared to its current handheld competitor, the 3DS (14+ million units sold vs 61+ million units sold to date, Vita vs 3DS, respectively).

Both systems will offer portable play, can be played on a large screen, and are of the higher-end of graphics as far as being a handheld is concerned. Sure, the Switch will run at 720p while undocked, but most games on Vita were developed in the same resolution. And let’s not kid ourselves; if you are all about 60fps with 1080p or 4k resolution, play on a PC, not a console.

I think the best part about writing this is that the previous articles and points were done last year when the Switch was first teased. Ah, speculation and hindsight are great. Too bad they are still being used as an argument or counterargument every now and then whenever someone does or does not approve of Nintendo’s newest console.

If you don’t like it, cool. If you do like it, cool. We can have different opinions and preferences, and still be friends. Isn’t that a neat concept? Cheers, and may broken flame shields help us all because we are all out of repair powder after selling them for souls because we died before we could retrieve them.


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