Just finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, and I must say, it was damn enjoyable. Not having read the books and hearing an overall positive from fans that have read the books prior to viewing the series, resulted in going out and purchasing the 13 books of Unfortunate Events before the rest of them are covered.

When the trailer first debuted the new Netflix original series, I had some doubts whether I would enjoy Neil Patrick Harris and his performance of Count Olaf. I have to admit, saying that I was pleasantly surprised would an understatement, as I was swiftly encapsulated and enamored by his portrayal of, not only Count Olaf, but also the different personalities when the Count undertook a disguise.


In fact, the entire cast was on-point, with purposely delightful hammy moments that conveyed the actors were having as much of a blast at their roles as would the audience. Smart, witty, dark, and cleverly written are the usual compliments I (and most) can say about A Series of Unfortunate Events. Definitely looking forward to more and reading the books to get myself caught up on all that I’ve missed with A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Not only that, I recently decided to venture back and find the old video game based on the 2004 movie adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events (starring Jim Carrey). Let’s just say that the game hasn’t aged well. It’s quite astounding that, even the material and how little room there would be for a game, Activision did a decent job.


If you can focus solely on the puzzles and stomach the stale voice acting and graphics of the Playstation 2 era, then it might be a worth a brisk (re)visit. Though, I would recommend watching a Let’s Play / Long Play session on YouTube of the game to get your fix, as playing the game now isn’t as fun as I remembered. Cheers, and may all of our lives be wrought with prepossessing events. Prepossessing means engaging.


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