It’s been less than a week since Monster Trucks premiered, and the showings at my local theater already dropped the amount of showings from six down to four; two for 2D and two for 3D. Unfortunately, this kid-friendly oddity will never see a video game because of, well, $115 million.

Yeah, if you haven’t read it already, Monster Trucks lost Paramount studios $115 million before it released. What makes this worse, is that it was conceived by a 4-year old that was the son of the (former) studio president, Adam Goodman.

Just when you thought Hollywood was cranking out movies with stories that seemed as though they were written by children, finally comes a movie written by an actual child. Ah, nepotism at its finest.

Too bad there wasn’t a video game in development to be paired with this movie. No doubt, it would have been marketable if the movie had moderate success, but I’m stretching things out a bit.


This shot of Monster Trucks will definitely become a meme.

Then again, I also want Max Landis to write a video game story and the Death Wish franchise have its own 3rd person shooter video game adaptation. Think of it. It would be like Max Payne, except slower in real time, all the time. Charles Bronson would be unstoppable!

Oh, well. If you still have an itch for an animated vehicle movie, at least Cars 3 comes out later this year. Cheers, and may a straight to video-on-demand sequel of Monster Trucks come into fruition with a Cthulhu monster under the hood.


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