Holy holograms without a Jem, since Friday, I have been doing some major backlog clearing in both shows and games. Show-wise, I knocked out three seasons of Halt and Catch Fire and the third season of Black Mirror. As for games, I finally completed Metal Ger Rising: Revengence.

To my surprise, the episode of “San Junipero was the only to my recollection that came close to providing a happy ending. I’m so glad I never read any reviews spoiling anything in the third season, as most of the episodes were solid.


Black Mirror, “Hated In The Nation.”

The final episode in the season “Hated In The Nation,” was by far my favorite, with every element meeting and then passing the bar that can compete with any of the modern-day movies that are currently chugged into our cinemas. I would have gladly went out and paid to watch “Hated in the Nation” in theaters, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Halt and Catch Fire is a phenomenal series to watch if you’re interests are the world of tech and the 1980s. It follows three main characters, Joe, Gordon, and Cameron, and their lives trying to create the next big thing in the technology. Okay, that was a very weak, one-sentenced synopsis of the series that does not do the series justice.

I binge watched the first three seasons in preparation for the fourth and final season that will be airing later this year, and my God, screwing up my sleep schedule was totally worth it. Great writing, solid characters that develop, compelling stories, a splendid cast witch acting that delivers; simply an awesome series.


Halt and Catch Fire cast (left to right): Scoot McNairy as Gordon Clark, Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe, and Lee Pace as Joe MacMillan.

Halt and Catch Fire was highly recommended to me by my brother. Even though we have different preferences in shows and movies, he knows me well enough to recommend me shows that won’t have my eyes rolling and groaning with despair.

Now, that I’m all caught up on shows, I checked off Metal Gear Rising somewhere between Black Mirror seasons 3 and the Halt and Catch Fire marathon. I bought the game some time back in 2014 then never play it. I really hate myself for doing that. Granted, it does not happen frequently, especially when it comes to video games I purchase.

However, MGR is out of the picture, as plowing through it on normal difficulty was damn fun. After completely the main campaign, I was definitely feeling regret for not having played it sooner or when I bought it three years ago.

I heard that the combat was fast, fluid, and rewarding while the the boss fights were challenging. From my experience, the word-of-mouth speaks true. Combat was satisfying and the boss fights were challenging.


Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.

Skill levels will vary player-to-player, and though I’m older and slower than what I was back in high school, I never once ran into a brick wall boss that stumped or absolutely kicked my ass into submission.

Even the notorious Senator boss fight didn’t pose much of challenge, which was disappointing to me since that particular encounter was mentioned on multiple “Most Difficult Bosses” lists.

Feels great to reduce the backlog. Unfortunately, shows and movies make up the remaining log. I mentioned earlier that I don’t frequently buy games and then not play them. However, when it comes to movies, I have a decent pile of them still in shrink wrap.

As for shows, there are a few that I want to watch, but because I just never got around to doing so, they rack up multiple seasons which passively extends the backlog. Cheers, and may intact 15-pound portable PCs of the 80s find a home as an oversized paper weight.


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