It’s finally out, and Resident Evil 7 is making quite the impression. Hailed by critics and fans as a “return to form,” with an emphasis on survival rather than action. However, I’m not here to criticize or praise RE7. Instead, let’s take a look back at how the series seems to be evolving, and how it seems to be happening at every third entry.

Not counting the side stories and spin-offs, such as Code Veronica, or that awful Operation Raccoon City, we’re taking a look at what Capcom is (most likely and) unintentionally doing by changing up the RE series in trilogies.


Resident Evil (remake)

The early beginnings of fixed camera angles, puzzle solving sections, and awkward third-person controls were a staple of the RE series in the first through third entries, and almost everything in between – save for the one first-person attempt that was Dead Aim.

In the next trilogy starting with RE4 and ending in RE6, they were less on scares and more for action. That, and went from being less hammy like a bad B-movie to taking themselves so serious that what was once charming became generic action-movie.


Resident Evil 4

And here we are now, with RE7 blazing a new trail for the franchise. Sure, the first-person perspective and Outlast / Amnesia influences aren’t new, but Capcom took the risk and changed things up for the better. Will this last until the ninth installment of the series, and would other side stories such as the Revelations games see dramatic alterations?

Well, Revelations 3 from what I last read with from one of the developers was that he wants to do a third Revelations installment. Here’s to hoping the project will come into fruition so Revelations can have a trilogy of its own, and keeping the trend for being available on handhelds, consoles, and PC. Speaking of which, how about it, Nintendo? Maybe have RE: Revelations 3 be on the Switch if it does get the green light?


Resident Evil: Revelations 2

I might be thinking too much into this theory, but it might have some merit to it. By the way, job well done Capcom. I can’t believe I’m even saying that, especially after all of the hot water the company dipped itself into with locking DLC on-disc to sell it. Either way, keep it up, and people might just forget all about the past.

Cheers, RE7, to your 86 Metacritic score (as of this writing), positive reception, and may biohazard suits always be the poor man’s astronaut armor. You may not be able to breathe in space with one, but you can sure handle a decent amount of radiation with its 1000 rad rating. At least, I think it’s 1000. I’m not entirely sure, my Pip-Boy’s busted.


Resident Evil 7 is so good, the whole family is talking about it at the dinner table!


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