I’m not a huge fan of the color yellow (curse school buses!), but this 3DS XL Pikachu Edition is disgustingly cute. Coming to the States on February 24 at $200, with no games or extras, it’s almost worth it for the Pikachu on the system and box art.

Now, I’m usually one to question why there isn’t anything else included with recolors and redesigns, but then I remember all the times before when we (the consumer) were simply satisfied with another option.


The new Pikachu 3DS XL

If you’re reading into that correctly, then yes, I’m taking a step back and being happy this (damn cute) Pikachu 3DS is going to be available. Granted, there are a crap-ton more official 3DS colors out there, with varying decals and themes.

Check out the list (below) and get ready for your mind to be blown; unless you knew about all of these models and/or were the one(s) that contributed to compile the data in the Wiki. For the latter, you have my thanks.

List of Nintendo 3DS Colors & Styles

Note that is the second time Pikachu receives its own 3DS theme. Remember the first one back in 2013 (or 2012 if you were in Japan, Europe, or South Korea during its release)? To be fair, that Pikachu edition was part of the old 3DS XL production line, and not the new.


The (old) Pikachu 3DS XL

Now, to wait and hope that Nintendo releases an aqua blue Squirtle 3DS XL edition, as I’m more of a Kind of Blue guy and fan of turtles. Kudos if you got that musical reference. Cheers, and may Dig Dug crossover to the Pokemon universe and hunt down every Diglett ruining his Minecraft creations.


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