Been playing Magic (The Gathering) Duels, lately, on Steam. I think now is a better time than ever to take a step back and a break from it. After finishing all the campaigns, the long-term goal was to unlock all the cards from each deck. Easier said than done.

Browsing Steam Community forums and Reddit threads, it seems that if a player were to reach the daily coin cap (400) every day, an entire set can be earned within a month’s time (30 days worth).

Believe me, there’s no complain from my end. Magic Duels is completely free, with an option to purchase coins with cash in order to purchase more booster packs, personas (profile avatars), and other virtual goodies like cosmetic card sleeves.

What has made me come to a conclusion that I should stop trying to reach said daily cap in order to grind for cards is that I was doing just that. I ended up catching myself in a play session that lasted 4.5 hours playing various versus matches with other players and the AI.

I then shifted to playing against only the AI since my decks were tremendously underpowered as just joining the game with limited card options does not fair too well when faced with players that have more choices at their disposal.

Though, the loses were much greater, I was still able to win a couple matches. Maybe they were sympathy wins, I can’t tell nor will I never know. Anyway, I’m not dropping Magic Duels entirely.

It’s still a fun, great alternative to playing Magic aside from dueling with friends or other players at the local shop during Friday Night Magic events and Magic Online. I’ll just be unlocking the cards slowly. Like, a full year kind of slowly.

Cheers, and may those games where you draw nothing but land cards each turn for the entire game still exist. Seriously, though. That happens more times than not, and I tend to play with only 20 land cards in my deck. RNG and my own personal shuffling sucks so bad.


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