February 7 seems to be in full swing today. Still haven’t bought a PS4 PRO? Thinking about it but you are unsure since you would have to buy some games for it? Like or love the Souls series but/and wished for a Japanese samurai take on it? Heck, were you a ’90s child and just wished for the return of a Samurai named Jack? Today is a good day.

First off, Newegg’s eBay shop has a limited offer available for a PS4 PRO bundled with Resident Evil 7 and Deus-Ex: Mankind Divided all for $399.99. It’s listed with an unlisted limited availability, will be up ’til Sunday, and has already sold 274 units (as of this writing).


Even if you already bought either game, if you are wanting to upgrade your standard model, or wanting to purchase a PS4 in general; this is a sound offer. Sell the unopened games as this bundled comes with physical copies and not downloadable codes.

Next on the list, another Souls-like game that’s been hitting great numbers from critics and fans. Just like Bloodborne, Nioh is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. So far, the general consensus is that Nioh borrows enough from the Souls games while doing more than enough to have its own identity.

Looks like Nioh took a bit of inspiration from other games, as well, since William – the main protagonist – looks similar to another popular protagonist of another series. Hmm… Witch one would that be? Probably just my imagination.


Last, but not least, the return of Samurai Jack! Not much else to say other than: F-ck, yeah! That said, you can watch, catch up, or refresh your inner samurai on Adult Swim where they are streaming the entire series. For free. And without ads. You can find all of that HERE.

Also, check out Kotaku’s, A.V Club’s, Dorkly’s, and Inverse’s Samurai Jack articles on some of the best, memorable, and dynamic episodes according to the opinions of people that found their way onto the internet. No sarcasm, though, these are some pretty good lists to sort through for revisiting the series before season 5 airs (on March 11).

Cheers, and I hope with how great 2017 is starting out, it doesn’t end bitterly enough to warrant its own hashtag of #Fuck2017.


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