Still early in February to be looking forward to things in March, but I do want to throw in a couple of items: Dark Souls III: The Ringed City DLC and the beta release of SKSE64 – aka. Skyrim Script Extender 64-bit for, well, Skyrm: Special Edition.

In amidst of new games, hardware, and sequels coming out in the months ahead, these two hold a special place for me and many others. The Ringed City DLC will be the final DLC for Dark Souls III, and the beta release of SKSE64 means those waiting to play the SE version of Skyrim with SkyUI (among many other mods) will get the chance to do so.

Of course, first thing’s first: The Ringed City DLC. If you haven’t already, the trailer released by Namco Bandai on January 23 is down below. What makes this entry stand out is it being the final piece and closing of a franchise. Well, that all depends on when, who, and where you asked.

For those that did, can, and will not go dumpster diving in the anal-canals of the internet, reports about to over a year ago confirmed that Dark Souls III would not be the definitive end of the series. Check out the ye old articles of Kotaku or CinemaBlend.

Then, as time went on, things changed. Later on, interviews with FromSoftware‘s Hidetaka Miyazaki expressing various things such as closing the franchise, trying to answer questions that were (considered) worthy of answering, not being against working on future Dark Souls projects, and working on a new IP with the experience gained working on all these Souls and Souls-like games (Bloodborne).

So, as with any fan of the Souls and Souls-like games – regardless of scale, be it hardcore or not, and everything in between – The Ringed City is one of the more special releases in March, let alone this year. It will definitely be bittersweet for some, marking the end of franchise that made its impact on the industry, and the beginning for something new for Miyazaki and the FromSoftware team.

Now, since there’s more than a month’s worth of time before The Ringed City releases (on March 28), one bonfire I always love to rest at for juicy Souls insight, news, and lore is VaatiVidya’s YouTube channel. He recently posted a new video for the upcoming DLC just 12 hours ago (as of this writing) which can be viewed right beneath this paragraph.

Always good to check out his other videos to catch-up, refresh, or dig deeper into the lore if piecing together item descriptions and subtle nods and nuances makes you scratch your head more than having head lice. Not to mention, Vaati’s voice is very relaxing to listen to, almost working as an ASMR if you choose to play one of his lore videos as a bed time story.

Speaking of lots of lore, worlds with warriors, swords, dragons, and magic: Skyrim. Specifically, the Special Edition that released last year for PS4, XB1, and PC; but we’re looking at the PC edition and its 64-bitness.

If you haven’t heard, last year on December 28, behippo from the SKSE team released a video showcasing the progress made on a 64-bit version for Skyrim SE. Within the video and on the official SKSE site, behippo noted that a beta SKSE64 may be released mid-March.

Even though I have put in uncomfortable amount of hours modding and playing Skyrim, I might jump back into Skyrim for a spin when SKSE64 beta releases. For the modding community, it would be like flood gates bursting open and – rather than its inhabitants drowning – everyone will be swimming with drinks.

It may not seem like the most exciting thing, especially since Skyrim is over 5 years-old, yet, for anyone that became immersed into the experience after slaying your first dragon just outside of Whiterun, or shouted a bandit over a cliff; Skyrim holds a special place in gaming.

The modding community, for one, definitely shows that Skyrim has a significant spot, at the very least, somewhere. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, currently has 51,109 mods available for it on Nexus, and continues to grow. And that’s just on Nexus, not counting other sources with mods not found on Nexus such as Steam Workshop.

Those are two things that I am personally excited for when March arrives. It may not rival the release of the Nintendo Switch, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and that is understandably so. DLC and being able to play mods on a remaster of an old game over a new console and Zelda game? It’s like David vs Goliath if they were in competition with each other; thankfully, they are not.

Play what you like, buy what you want, and you technically could do it all. Switch and Zelda release at the beginning of March, while SKSE beta comes out mid-March, and The Ringed City releases near the very end. Buy the Switch, play Zelda to death and beat it in 2 weeks, mod Skyrim SE for about a week, then die over and over until April. It can be done!

Cheers, and may the Bloodborne card game and Dark Souls board game have a virtual release so we can play online with friends, family, and Stranger Things out in the internet. By the way, if you didn’t catch the Stranger Things 2 commercial that aired during Super Bowl 51 and later posted on YouTube, check it out below. It comes out this Halloween. F-CK YEAH!


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