All right. I think I have had my fill of Guild Wars 2 (for now). Came back to check out the patch that was released on February 22nd – and liked it. Then, went on to run DPS tests on those pesky Ranger pets and created my fifth – and hopefully, final – legendary weapon.

For any of you that have or are playing Guild Wars 2 and have perused the official forums, you may have seen me around there – specifically, in the Ranger professions sub-forum. The update released last month did a lot of quality of life for Ranger pets, so, I had to do some testing.

I conducted tests previously on Ranger pets in regards to their precision:critical hit chance. This time around, I documented hours of test results with various pets under many scenarios.


Let’s just say I got a bit carried away allocating my free time into doing this. Here’s the LINK to the Google docs version of what I recorded; and for those that do browse the official forums: yes, I’m that guy.

Once testing was completed, I decided to break the monotony a bit and head out to do some open-world PvE. You know, easy mode stuff where I don’t really have to think or fight for dear survival – a laid back time – if you will.

Lo and behold, during the end of a map meta event (Silverwastes, to be precise), I loot from that big ‘ole treasure chest a precursor. For those that are unfamiliar, a precursor is an extremely rare weapon that can drop or be a reward that, is highly valuable and used to create a legendary weapon.

Now, a legendary weapon is a shiny, flashy weapon with special effects. More importantly, making a legendary weapon is vastly time consuming and expensive. So, like an idiot, I decided to make the legendary scepter, Meteorlogicus, because the weapon’s glow matches my character’s armor and theme. (sigh)

Fast-forward to now and it’s been completed while simultaneously leaving me burnt the eff out. It’s all my doing – I realize that and blame no one else for it. There’s some silver-lining to be found here, though, as I – once again – feel absolved!

Yeah, very and overly dramatic way to describe my feelings after completing such a grind and farm, but I can personally move onto other things. Speaking of which, Nier: Automata is the next game I have in my sights.


Platinum Games have a reputation for creating games with excellent combat mechanics and feel, so with the MMO out of the way, Dark Souls III DLC at the end of the month, and Persona 5 hitting shelves at the beginning of April: I have got my gamer plate full!

But what the hell am I, let alone you, doing here? Go out and visit a game store Nier you and get Automata if you haven’t already! I sure am. If that’s now your jam, then that’s cool. Cheers, and my you always find yourself with 77 three-leafed clovers.

P.S. Damn it’s good to write again!


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