I’d like to turn some attention to a very small MMORPG that caught my eye recently: Project Gorgon. To get the obvious out of the way: the graphics are rough, the animations are stiff, and the combat is archaic; but buried underneath all of its flaws is one hell of a game with a lot of potential.

So far, I had three play sessions with Project Gorgon. The first being out of pure curiosity and not-very-serious. Just messing around and being unimpressed after 8-minutes. But somehow, I had this looming feeling that I should give Project Gorgon another chance – a serious one.

I deleted my “messing around” character and created a new one, with the intention of diving head-first into this weird and wonderfully rough world: Gilgon Spattersplatch, a male Elf without rhyme or reason – because he stutters and has short-term memory.

WindowsPlayer 2017-03-15 15-38-11

With my character made, I played for 8 hours and have only just made it out of the starting area and into the first town. Be warned: Project Gorgon has more in common with the RPGs of old than new. There is no hand-holding, no guides, none of those pop-ups on the HUD that points you to the next area or telling you where to go next. Project Gorgon is all about exploration, and that’s friggin’ sweet.

I spent about 5 hours wondering the small island that is the starter area, leveling my character, gathering gear, and jotting down notes and observations in my Quest pad (it’s essentially an in-game notepad you can pull up at anytime). Leveling your character is not like most RPGs where you gain a level and gain stats or points to allot where you please.

In Project Gorgon, what you do levels up the proficiency of that skill. Kill enemies with a sword and level up sword skills. Punch stuff to death in the face and level up your unarmed stat. You can even level up a dying stat, though, I have yet to discover the benefits of doing this.

Now, with how rough the game looks, the developers are constantly updating and patching the game. Unlike most MMOs, there’s something special about Project Gorgon. I’m making one bold prediction when I say that this game might follow in the steps of Guild Wars (in relation to other MMOs). The first game was rough, but it had personality and a genuineness to it. The core stuff is all there, laid out for all to see, and all it needs is a bigger budget, time, and refinement.

When Project Gorgon finalizes and officially releases, it’s not going to be the fanciest, flashiest, fastest, and far from the best MMO out there – and with this prediction – I’m hoping it will garner such a following and support that allows the developers to create a second iteration that turns out to be miles ahead of its predecessor.

There is a bright horizon out ahead for Project Gorgon and I encourage anyone to give it a fair chance. It’s very easy to blow it off when you first log into the game (as I did). But like an onion ripped straight from the ground: brush off the dirt and start peeling back the external layers. What you find beneath the exterior just might make you tear up (with joy, hopefully).

To learn more about Project Gorgon, a link to their main site is provided below, along with a video used for their Kickstarter campaign. Currently, Project Gorgon is in the early stages of development, but anyone can download it and start playing it right now. I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

Even if it ends up not being your jam, at least you tried out the jelly. Cheers, and may good fortunes and high ambitions come into full fruition for the developers and fans of Project Gorgon. So, says, Mr. Spattersplotch.

Project Gorgon Official Site


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