I’m a fan of the Resident Evil Modding Forum. A couple of days ago, Leon S. Kennedy (the forum member, not the actual character) released an update on a mod for Resident Evil 6 that allowed you to play as the good ole Leon from Resident Evil 4.

The first release of this mod was posted on January 20, 2017, and was based on a mod that replaced the EX2 costume for Leon with an RE4 version, created by arch. Fast-forward nearly two months later and the update is better than ever, fixing most – if not all – the issues the initial release had, along with some serious polish.


Whether you are a fan of the Resident Evil 6 or not, it’s cool to see the most recognized version of Leon fans came to know and love be playable, though modding of course. Leon S. Kennedy has also provided a version of the mod so the RE4 version replaces the EX2 costume in case you want have the older and rugged Leon still available.

Just make sure to read all the instructions provided before attempting to install this mod on your game. Better safe than sorry. Cheers, and may future installments of Resident Evil games have at least one drawer with a lootable pack of cigarettes, because we only got gum.


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